Enhance your customer experience

As Project Managers, our mission is to help you better understand and improve your team game toward generating an amazing Customer Experience online and offline.

Is it easy for customers to search on the website? Is the information updated and accurate? Think about how you can make the purchase of a ticket more fun and simple. How can you communicate your brand identity whenever you interact with your guests?

Customer satisfaction and hassle-free interactions

are special ingredients for better business results. Shh, we know it seems too simple. But trust us, simplicity is not always easy.

Online sales and digital marketing

Let us walk through your needs helping you strategize your customer experience, getting the results you need and want! We help our clients to design, monitor and analyze their impact on the customer experience online and offline.

Our guest experience experts will find the points of friction and WOW moments that make your experience special.

Project Management & Scrum

As Project Managers we consider all aspects of online sales and digital marketing such as e-reputation, social media, copywriting, online research, story telling, listening, answering , and inspiring your customers and more. We team up with you to measure and improve their customer experience online and offline. As Project Managers we help you make digital transformation happen, set up agile communication channels and work toward objectives and key results.
These are all essential ingredients to perform in a digital and interconnected world.

OKRs and Digital Tools

At Doitwell we use tools like OKRs, Trello and Jira to give your team a clear view into the status, progress, and success of projects and to work across boards, which foster cross-team collaboration. We help organizations to seize opportunities, create new products and design experiences to meet customer needs. Since 2019 we have helped attractions, museums, and tourism operators to design a strategy with guests at the center. We work to increase website hits, social media storytelling, website design and much more!

Research and innovation

We support our customers with research, using technology and tools to support their business processes, analyze data and study the preferences of users and visitors.The data is essential for creating a new strategy on how best to support the guest experience.