The Colosseum’s great beauty never ends.

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I chose to live in Rome years ago for one simple reason, I had to live out my passion for art. Living in the eternal city for me represents that, it is as if every day I live in a book of art.

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work, as Confucio said, is it a true story even for today! 

After almost a decade in the art industry, the role itself is irrelevant when whatever I do with art is all that matters. For me observing the full 360-degree experience, always gives me a way to express my passion.

I feel very privileged being a tour guide for the simple fact of not having a normal office. When someone asks me the question, where do you work? Where is your office? I answer with great irony in “Piazza del Colosseo”.

It has been a couple of months since the launch of this blog as the Attractions Expert for doitwell, I finally have the opportunity to take you with me to my favorite office. It is the most iconic place in the eternal city, let’s go take a visit to the most iconic place in the eternal city, 

The Colosseum was built by the Flavian Family (Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian) in the I A.D. and was the largest amphitheater built by the Romans. The capacity ranged between 50,000- 70,000 spectators. The Colosseum events consisted of animals hunts in the morning and gladiators fought in the afternoon. Imperial propaganda occurred from the numerous Roman holidays

For some years, Art Historians talked about the Colosseum but instead would call it “Parco Archeologico” the area that includes, the Roman Forum, Colosseum and the Palatine Hill.

This time visiting the Colosseum will be a special experience because I will have to forget everything and look at the monument for the first time, like how every day thousands of tourists experience it.

With this new management, the Colosseum offers different ticket types and itineraries. I chose to visit the monument from the best point of view, the one that every time leaves me breathless. It’s something extraordinary, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, sunny, or windy, the passage under Libitinia’s Gate or the door of death (exit of the defeated gladiators) which today represents access to the Arena (the stage of the gladiators) is fascinating!

For this ticket type, reservations can be made through the CoopCulture website. You can find all the information on the official website.

On the Arena floor, you get to spend 10 minutes and 10 minutes where the cross is positioned to have a further view of the hypogeum (the backstage). After this time a coopculture employee allows the group to get out to this VIP area and start the standard route that includes the two levels, the sector once occupied by the senators and the one occupied by the aristocracy.

In my personal experience, these are the best months to visit the Colosseum a site of 7.5  million visitors in 2018.

The average is around 20,000 people per day and often despite the safety standards, it is not possible to fully enjoy the visit.

The standard route which includes two levels is accessible to all. In the case of disabilities or special needs, there is an elevator that allows going on the second level.

Expect to spend one hour and a half to visit whether done independently or accompanied by a guide. If you prefer, you can also rent audioguides. There are several gift shops and public toilets inside the monument.

When one is attuned to the tourism sector it is difficult to speak critically the nature of the monument. 

The Colosseum has some limits, a site over 2000 years old, logistics and management. one thing is clear, the tourist will never forget to visit on their first trip to the eternal city.  

The question is, what can we do to improve the visitor experience?

Doitwell was born with this primary objective and our team members all have a talent, a peculiarity that allows us to improve our quality contribution.

My role as Attractions Expert is dynamic and well suited to my character and personality. I always believe that we can do something more to satisfy the customer by going beyond the limits.  My personal checklist to visit the monument: always book a skip the line, early tours by 09.00 especially during the summer. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and if you have a water bottle with you can fill it at the monument’s fountain. In the summer always have a hat and sunscreen, last but not least, unleash your desire to photograph and be photographed.

TripAdvisor has confirmed the positive trend for the Colosseum, it appears to be the first place as the world’s most popular attraction in 2019.

It is a reminder that will help you to enjoy an experience that you may have been waiting for a lifetime! I hope all my passion has arrived, from every corner of the earth you are reading this blog. We have many upcoming things for this month of December! 

See you soon!

Selenia Morgillo

Selenia Morgillo

Selenia Morgillo is an Attractions Expert at doitwell. Her specialty centers around providing doitwell’s Clients with the best experience. She focuses on understanding Attractions and how guests interact with them. Selenia is also an Art Historian, Tour Director, and Tour Guide in Europe. With her extensive studies in both the Arts and Tourism Management, Selenia’s unique background (especially behind the camera ) is what gives her such a curious eye for essential details and a passionate and soulful edge. On top of the formal arts, she has a passion for archeology, architecture, traveling, food, and photography. Born in a small town near Naples, Selenia currently lives and works in the “Eternal City” of Rome.

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