Ciao Italy Tours


Online Communication and UX/UI Design




New York, U.S.

Project Goal

Improve the online communication and the design of User Experience


• E-Reputation & Social Media
• UX Design and Research
• SEO and Copywriting
• Management Consulting

Ciao Italy Tours

Communication online and UX Design

Ciao Italy Tours is a tour operator based in Staten Island, New York U.S that represents Carrani Tours Group the first tour operator in Rome Italy. Doitwell supported Carrani Italy Tours to create and implement a new design for their site that will focus on attracting more users and travel agencies to convert and have a pleasant user experience. Doitwell set up a multi-channel strategy aimed at measuring, improving and communicating the user experience online and enhancing the e-reputation in the States.

UX/UI Design by Amanda Greening and Jessie Bonilla

As UX/UI designers, we perform the critical research and analysis necessary for successful user experience in your products, and develop cohesive UX strategies that allow you to become a product-driven organization.
The goal was to help Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours to create and implement a new design for their site that will focus on attracting more users and travel agencies to convert and have a pleasant user experience.

The Challenge

We needed to figure out how to structure the redesign to address B2B vs B2C clientele. On their current website, we notice that there is no differentiation in their information architecture and strategy.

Target Audience: Travelers
Typical Audience: Travel Agents

Main problem: users needed more communication both online and offline.

We reviewed Google Analytics to determine the exact pages that users browse the most, what pages needed to be designed, and what roadblocks would put pages out of scope.
From Claudia Montalvo & Marvin Valarezo’s user research, our data shows what sites users are familiar with and what tools they feel comfortable using. We took these examples as inspirations to leveraging a UI similar to these brands to help users adapt to the Ciao Italy website.


As mentioned, we utilized Google Analytics to figure which pages were the main priority to Ciao Italy’s users. With this knowledge, we focused on redesigning the pages that our target and typical audiences would visit the most. This lead to pages we prioritized in our redesign:
Pages In of Scope
Wireframes can be viewed via Figma link

We shipped our deliverables to a developing agency, CommerX. These designs ended up being put on hold due to COVID 19. When the project is resumed, the main KPI to review would be the conversion rate of purchased products.

Branding: With stakeholders and project management team, we would content a branding workshop to align on identity. Create a clear message, produce relevant content, distinguish Ciao Italy from competitors, and have a consistent voice & visuals to establish customer loyalty.

User Testing & Iterations: Our next steps would be to conduct user testing and user interviews to uncover usability deficiencies and find design opportunities. In our next research and ideation phase, we’d want to test our hypothesis and determine whether our design decisions are validated.

Travel Agent Portal (B2B): We would like for Ciao Italy travel agents to have an onboarding flow, responsive screens, and dashboard to tailor these problems.

SEO & Digital PR by Mark Anderson

The website was not showing up for any of the major competitive keywords with high opportunity for the business (“Trip To Italy Cost”, Search Volume 1,600 | “Tours Of Italy”, Search Volume: 14,100 | “Italy Tours”, Search Volume: 18,100 | “Cost of Trip To Italy”, Search Volume: 320 )
  • 17% clicks increased
  • 40% Impressions (amount of people viewing the website)
  • 10% SEO score
  • These changes have helped increase the average website rankings from 38.4 to 32.8 and allowed the Client to rank for strategic keywords such as “Italy Tours” (which has 18,100 potential customers searching that keyword per month).
  • Contacted prominent PR websites to increase the amount of backlinks (bloggers referring customers to Client’s website)

E-Reputation Management by Marco Aurelio Cutrufo and Christina Chuchara

  • Created a tailored review management policy for empowering reputation through review channels | teams now can use them properly.
  • Eliminated an unofficial Linkedin page of the brand and created a representative page to dialogue especially with b2b audiences, impacting on the perception of the brand on the web | Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours now is recognizable on Linkedin
  • Created a personalized editorial plan for Linkedin to improve communication and convey brand values | The company now has a ready plan to communicate strategically
  • Created content marketing format called “review social media card” from guest’s reviews to increase brand awareness through social media | The company can use now reviews for social media marketing strategy
  • Activated one tool for tracking review performances of all channels | The company can measure review management performances
  • Optimized Linkedin profile of the managing director | The company’s managing director has now a clear Linkedin profile in accordance with the brand’s style of communication

Social Media by Tatyana Turner

Results Achieved

Improved brand communication uniformity

Brand integrity improved

Established strategy and follower engagement plan

Integrated an editorial plan

Created a social media voice and tone

Social Media Engagement Rate (Instagram, and Twitter) +20%

Advertisement Brand Awareness Campaign:

Copywriting by Angela Pickett

With the decision to overhaul the website, there was a large amount of copy to rewrite, repurpose and edit. During the module we provided the following content to the client:

We also audited existing blog posts, grouping them by both region and interest.

As the copywriter, I worked with the team to ensure consistent messaging across all channels. I worked with the SEO consultant to ensure best practice search engine optimisation across the website. Working with the UX consultant, we designed the site layout and navigation to improve the user experience.

This project was an excellent example of how a doitwell project works. By bringing together experts with a range of skills, we gave the client a better product.

  • Reputation Training
  • E- Reputation Management


The following Consultants worked on this project

UX Design and Research

Claudia Montalvo (Module 2) – profile
Marvin Valarezo (Module 2) – profile
Amanda Greening (Module 3) – profile
Jessie Bonilla (Module 3) – profile

E- Reputation & Social Media Management

Tatyana Turner (Module 2 and 3) – profile
Christina Chuchara (Module 3) – profile
Marco Aurelio Cutrufo  (Module 1, 2 and 3) – profile

Copywriting e SEO

Angela Pickett (Module 2 and 3) – profile
Mark Anderson  (Module 2 and 3) – profile

Project Coordinator

Courtney Riall Mallory (Module 3 and 4) – profile

Project Manager

Nicole Cutrufo (Module 1, 2 and 3) – profile