Bit4Training Milan: Doitwell and Guest Experience in the tourism industry.

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Milan recently hosted the annual BIT – International Travel Exhibition. This event is always inspiring for people working in the tourism sector. 

For 40 years BIT has brought together industry experts, decision-makers and buyers from across the tourism sector. The sector’s performance reflects the ongoing evolution and leadership of this international tourism exchange. The XXIII Italian Tourism Report notes this trend.

During the first day of BitMilano, they explored the travel preferences of Millennials. The session was called ‘The new sharing experience: the new frontiers of travel. Style. Millennials revolutionize the travel industry and Gattinoni responds with MatePacker’. 

The annual Kantar Global Monitor 2019 looks at people’s wishes and expectations towards goods and services, including travel.  It showed that travel is seen as a lifestyle choice. It’s the possibility of living an experience that allows choices and the desire to detox from technology.

Doitwell presented to the bit4training section with a report on guest experience in the tourism industry.

Doitwell’s Nicole Cutrufo and Barbara Antonucci of the Roma Tre University spoke about the importance of guest experience. They discussed using copywriting to improve product performance and creating engagement on social media and with guests.

Doitwell spoke about preparing the professionals of the future to improve hospitality through a better Guest Experience. Through our partnership with the University of Roma Tre, we are improving the skills of tourism professionals.

Together we are looking at how to connect the online Guest Experience with practical examples of some best attractions. These include the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums, which welcome about 7 million annual visitors. The experience of American theme parks and guest experience provides valuable insights.

Nicole said when she graduated 10 years ago, she had no idea she’d be doing what she’s doing today. The digital world is expanding quickly, and she’s thrilled to be working at the forefront of Guest Experience. 

Nicole has a rich background that includes years in Disney’s Orlando amusement parks. Nicole is not afraid to dream big. It is this trait, together with her international background that led to the creation of Doitwell. 

Doitwell is an Orlando based startup, with a made in Italy founder. Italy is one of the world’s top destinations for tours and activities. In 2019, TripAdvisor’s most popular attraction was the Colosseum. Nicole created Doitwell with the goal of improving guest experience through applying technology, measurement, and innovation. The tourism industry is not static, and so we must keep up with innovations, especially technological ones. 

Doitwell is an international operation that is always playing the role of the visitor. The Doitwell team visit attractions to study the details from the smallest to the most obvious ones. 

Selenia Morgillo

Selenia Morgillo

Selenia Morgillo is an Attractions Expert at doitwell. Her specialty centers around providing doitwell’s Clients with the best experience. She focuses on understanding Attractions and how guests interact with them. Selenia is also an Art Historian, Tour Director, and Tour Guide in Europe. With her extensive studies in both the Arts and Tourism Management, Selenia’s unique background (especially behind the camera ) is what gives her such a curious eye for essential details and a passionate and soulful edge. On top of the formal arts, she has a passion for archeology, architecture, traveling, food, and photography. Born in a small town near Naples, Selenia currently lives and works in the “Eternal City” of Rome.

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